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What business owners are saying about us...

At Mint Financial Group, we strive to provide flexible financing solutions and exemplary service to small and medium sized businesses. But don’t take our word for it. Below are some of the testimonials that our customers have shared with us.

We got funded really fast …

With Mint Financial Group we were able to secure a business loan, that we couldn’t get with our local bank, we have used their services twice already and we got funded really fast, we are very happy with them.
We would definitely recommend their services.

Sebastian M.

AM Custom Design

Great company to work with…

Mint Financial Group is a great company to work with, they’ve been very helpful in helping me meet my business financial needs

Eddie E.


Friendly Service and very helpful…

I worked with Daniel and Felipe at Mint Financial Group. I went to them after I had been turned down by my local bank which I have been banking with for over 12 years!! I found these guys online, and they worked to get my Construction company a loan. I was originally hoping for a line of credit with better rates, but they got me a 12 month loan for $80,000 which still helped me out alot, especially since I am coming into a bit of slow season. I was hooping to get more $$, but overall they helped me out.
I would recommend Mint Financial Group’s services

Dean E. – DEM Construction & Remodeling, LLC

Their Representative was very Helpful and Professional…

I contacted Mint Financial Group through an ad I saw online in my local classifieds. I must say that I was a bit hesitant at first, since now a days you hear so many crazy stories of identity theft, etc. To my pleasant surprise, they were very helpful and professional.
I worked with Felipe Catano, and he was attentive, and always made himself available throughout the loan process. It took about 2 weeks and they were able to get my business approved for $70,000. It helped me with inventory, and marketing costs. Their loans are a bit pricey and shorter term, but overall I would recommend their services to any small business owner

David B.
– JPM Distributors, inc

Mint Financial Group, helped me get a $40,000 loan for my landscaping business. I saw these guys online, and applied on their website. I was hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect, but they helped me out, and the entire process took a little over 2 weeks.
I originally was hoping to get $75,000 to buy some additional equipment, but the $40,000 certainly helped me out!
I would recommend their services.

Garcias Lawn Care


Paperwork was so simple-very quick…

Great company and Derek is a great guy. The entire process went much more quickly than I expected. Getting the paperwork together was simple it took me less than a couple of hours and one trip to the bank and they found me a good loan offer within a few days. They are well organized and efficient.

Joseph H.

Very simple and straightforward …

Attaining the funds was a simple process. The re-payment process is very simple and straight forward and makes the bookkeeping easy. It is a bit more costly than a bank, but in emergencies or when your bank is too slow to respond, I highly recommend using MINT. Their service is friendly and efficient.


Secure way of getting cash …

I have used MFG several times for different reasons. It is a very easy, fast, and secure way of getting the cash flow I require to keep my business going during cash crunch times. Their response time is very quick and efficient. Never do they leave you hanging. There are many companies out there but MFG works along side of my processing and there is no extra paperwork to be completed. I would use this company over and over again.

Shirley C.

Their process is fast …

MFG is a lifesaver to any company looking for an injection of cash to help you through a rough patch or for new projects that you might want to tackle. Their rates are reasonable and their process is fast, providing you with money usually within 48 hours. The best part is their payment plan – you pay back a percentage daily which fluctuates with your sales. If you have a slow day, you pay less. I would recommend them to anyone.


Less paperwork…

Great way to access needed cash with a minimum amount of paperwork.

Mark Steven

Speedy and Efficient…

I must say that I have been very pleased working with Mint Financial Group. The process of getting approved is speedy and efficient. Mint Financial Group has a way of moving things along so that we could receive funding quickly and above expectations. Even when I did have a problem, it was resolved quickly. The ability for our company to come back to the table and refinance so to speak after 50% has been paid down on the original principal balance adds more flexibility to our company to use capital to help grow our business. Our business has an excellent credit rating, yet using Mint capital source still provides our company with leverage allowing us to make purchases for large customer transaction deliveries that we have to prepare for!.


Everything ready to go…

I’ve never worked with a company that made things easier and had everything ready to go!


Very friendly and professional …

As a new small business, sometimes you run into a cash flow problem. If your bank is not flexible enough, a merchant cash advance from Mint Financial group is a great alternative! They are easy to work with and very friendly and professional – can definitely recommend this company!!

Neil T.