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At Mint Financial Group, our goal is to help fund your business as prompt as possible.
See most common steps on business funding:

1. Application Submitted
2. Documents Generated and Sent
3. Documents Received
4. Financing Process Completed

Everyday we help business owners like you get the working capital that sustains their business. We can give it away fast enough!

Financing Process – No Credit Check Business Loans. We count on your business performance – not on your credit score.

Reviews your personal and business credit profile. Also considered are credit card processing statements and balances.

You’ll receive an update with 24 hours application submitted and a credit decision is less than 48 hours

A pre- approved is a conditional approval based on the information you provided and allow us to move forward with the contract to secure your money.

The documents will include the checklist of items needed.
A copy of your driver’s license will be required to confirm your full legal name and prevent fraud.

This is a final review of all information to get you the money you requested. However, it is uncommon for underwriting to request additional information at this time.

Please notify your landlord & trade that they will be contacted – this will allow you to get your money quickly.

If a switch in credit card processors is required the new processing partner will contact you.

Once your contract is finalized an ACH transfer will place the funds into your account within 24-48 hours.

Typically funds within 3 – 5 business days after application submitted